Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th!

Hey everyone! Happy Indepedence day! (As of 1 hour ago.. yes I am up to late. =P)

Tonight I experienced another little encouragement from God. I went to the fireworks in Moorpark with my family and a group of friends. Had a good time, watched the fireworks, swing danced a bit. When the show was over, the park started to empty, and the sidewalks filled. On my way out, I saw a lady carrying a Giant Money tract (click on the link to see the tract's text). I asked her where she had gotten it, and she said there were people handing them out at the entrance. She told me she hadn't read it yet, but was bringing it home for her son. I encouraged her to read it, telling her there was an important message on it.
Somewhere in that park, there were other believers working for God! Reaching out to all the people that had come. On one hand, it was greatly encouraging. On the other hand, it was extremely convicting. I had a great time tonight, but I didn't do much of anything for God's glory. I could be doing so much more!
Hmm.. that raises a question that I've fought long and hard with myself about. Basically, how *much* do we serve God? Since really the only reason we're on this earth is to reach out to people, it seems we should do that without ceasing. I think I've finally found the answer. I'll get more into this in a later post, but for now, I gotta get to bed. =P

Have a great Independence Day, all! Serve God. =)

Go with God,


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Meshaay said...

Good question. I've kind of been wondering the same thing. And I guess another question might be "What does the Lord consider as service to Him from me?" I might be struggling so hard in something He doesn't even want me doing, thinking that I'm serving Him, when really I'm disobeying.