Friday, May 25, 2007

Of Pirates, Pizza, and theology.

I was walking past the Regal theater in Simi yesterday, and saw a strange sight... several groups of people set up in lawn chairs, blankets, and reading material. With Pirates of the Carribean 3 coming out, they weren't taking any chances of being the first into the theater. I started talking to several people at the start of the line. Sure enough, they were there to see Pirates. I talked with them about movies, past and present... who was with who (they were mostly all strangers..just drawn to the same movie. =)

Then I started talking to Vince, someone who was there by himself to see it. I asked him if he minded a random question: "What do you think happens when we die?" He didn't know. "With all the different religions in the world, how can we know what one is right? And if we pick one...what if it's the wrong one?" He didn't know if there was a God, but he was "trying to be a good person". Good person test, anyone? =) He admitted that, if Christianity is true, he would go to hell. There were a lot of distractions, so the conversation drifted off and on the subject of God, but I was able to share with him some of the truths of Christianity, opposed to other world religions.
There was a group of about eight people ordering pizza; Vince didn't have any money, so I chipped in... didn't think I was going to be there when it came. ;) When it did, I asked another guy, Matt, the same question I asked Vince. His response was #1, religion is okay for some people, because it gives them hope. That's alright for them. And #2, he's more "into science", not "religion." Like with Vince, I showed him just a few historic/scientific facts about creation vs. evolution, and why evolution doesn't add up. Apparently he hadn't heard some of the arguments before.

I sat with the group for about an hour and a half... it was a great interaction, especially with Vince and Matt. The pizza was good too. ;) I didn't change either of these guys minds on the spot...but hopefully seeds were planted. Be praying for Vince and Matt, and that God will use the seeds.

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Anonymous said...

Brook, that is amazing and so neat! Your boldness for the Lord is sooo cool! I knoe seeds werte planted. keep up that courage!